App Your Way To The Best Deals Near You

Hello everyone! Jackie here again with one more little post about coupons. This time is about an awesome application my cousin from Philadelphia showed me when I was over for a few days last week. Coupon codes have come a long way. With technological advancements, high-end coupon apps have made shopping more convenient and cost effective than ever before. Yowza is one such application. The name of this app might sound rather weird, but it is simply a fantastic app which helps you get the best deal available online. This app is a resourceful tool of helping you get virtually every deal near you irrespective of where you are. It helps you in virtually every aspect of your shopping from a delicious dinner to new outfit arrivals.

yowza appInstalling Yowza on your iPhone or android device is easy. With the app installed, you only need to load first. With the help your phones global positioning feature, it will give a detailed list of all available deals near you within a radius of 50 miles. With the results out, you can then walk into your preferred retail outlet, show the cashier the Yowza app, and let them scan the barcode displayed by your handset. Saving money is as simple as that.

With this app, bid goodbye to clipping voluminous coupons or stashing them in your wallet. In addition to this, it saves you the labor of having to remember the location where the promotion was meant to be used. This app takes this hassle away from you and lets you focus on maximizing your savings.

The good thing with the deals coming from Yowza is that they come directly from the manufacturer. Not being like any other app online, coupon codes displayed here are authentic and made just for you. Yowza developers have taken most merchants on board and they are continuously letting more and more join this wagon.

Well, when it comes to shopping with coupons, there is more to them than just receiving notifications on nearby shops. Yowza allows you to tag your best bargains and use them just when you need them most. After tagging your best deals, you can share them with family and friends via different social networking accounts. After using a deal, this app helps you track your purchases and tracks your savings for you as well.

Concisely, this app is perfect for anyone looking to optimize his or her savings. To the procrastinators, this app will help you always remember by issuing timely reminders just before your coupons expire. In addition to this, being a smartphone app this one does not bother you with unneeded messages and lets you use it just when you need it.

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